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 Italian bee

Italian bee

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By adopting a bee, you will become a crucial element in our urban beekeeping project. Your support is critical to the maintenance and prosperity of our bees in an urban environment. To recognize your important contribution, we will email you a personalized adoption certificate. This document not only symbolizes your active participation in our project, but also your dedication to the conservation and promotion of urban biodiversity. Thanks to your help, we can continue to protect and nourish these precious creatures, fundamental to our ecosystem.

The Ligurian bee, scientifically known as Apis mellifera ligustica, is a subspecies of the honeybee native to the Italian peninsula. It is highly valued in beekeeping for several reasons. These bees are recognized for their docile and manageable nature, making them ideal for beekeepers, especially beginners. They are also known for their high productivity in honey production, their ability to adapt to various climates and environments, and their efficient use of resources.


Physically, Ligurian bees are relatively small and slender, with colors ranging from yellow to light brown. These characteristics make them distinct compared to other subspecies of honeybees. Furthermore, they are famous for their ability to fly in relatively cold weather conditions and during periods of less abundant nectar, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability.

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