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Massimo della Sanità

Massimo della Sanità

SKU: 366615376135418

You have adopted Massimo della Sanità, a truly significant gesture. Following this adoption, here is what you will receive:

  • Adoption Certificate: An official document confirming your support and participation in the adoption of TMassimo.

  • Luxury selection of Wellness Products: An exclusive collection of high-quality products that may include bee-related items, such as premium honey, skin care products enriched with beeswax, and other items selected to offer you a unique wellness experience .

  • Organized visit to the Apiary: You will have the opportunity to personally visit the apiary where Massimo is located. This visit will allow you to appreciate the world of bees up close, learn about their habitat and the honey production process, as well as providing you with an educational and immersive experience.

Massimo's adoption is valid for one year, after which you can decide whether to renew it or not. This initiative not only enriches your personal experience, but also helps to support and protect the bee ecosystem, which is fundamental to our biodiversity and environment.

The drone of the Ligustica bee, also known as Apis mellifera ligustica, is a male member of an Italian subspecies of the European honeybee. These drones are generally larger than the worker bees, with a more robust and stocky body. They lack a stinger and are exclusively specialized for mating with the queen. Their color ranges from golden yellow to light brown, with darker stripes on the back. The head is wide with large compound eyes, which help them locate queens during the nuptial flight. Their wings are large enough to support their heavy body during flight.

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