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about Urbee

Urbee is first and foremost a question of sustainability and a collective game. 

Then, it is the first urban beekeeping project in Naples. There are three hives, 180,000 bees to adopt,  an urban garden, and a bunch of cool products to buy (work in progress!).

Urbee's story is simple. And it starts from chef Giuseppe Iannotti, owner of Krèsios**. In 2022, Intesa Sanpaolo entrusted Giuseppe with the management of three outlets in the historic Palazzo Piacentini - a bistro, the Luminist; a cocktail bar, Anthill; a fine dining room, 177 Toledo. And he also decided to make hives. 

Since Urbee is a game, it has rules. And there are three. One, each hive has the name of a historic neighborhood of Naples: Forcella, Pignasecca, Sanità. Two, each hive has a queen: Titina, Pupella, Sophia. Each arna also has a drone: Diego, Totò, Massimo. Three, every bee is adoptable. For now you can do three things. One, adopt a bee and receive an adoption certificate. Two, adopt a small SWAM of bees. Three, adopt one of the three queens or one of the three drones, come to visit us, receive honey, and much more (...). To do each of these three things, swipe up and go to "store". 

For questions, curiosities or collaboration proposals, write to us on!


Via Toledo 177 

80134 Naples

PI 01811180627

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