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Bee swarm

Bee swarm

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You are about to make an extraordinary gesture by adopting a swarm of 50 bees! To celebrate your decision, we will send you a personalized adoption certificate, which will allow you to give your swarm a unique name. Furthermore, so that you can enjoy the fruit of their labor, we will send you a jar of honey produced by your swarm at the end of the harvesting season. But that's not all: we will contact you directly to organize an exclusive visit to the apiary. This will be a unique opportunity to see your bees at work up close and better understand the beekeeping process. Your contribution is fundamental to the support and conservation of bees, vital for biodiversity and the environment.

Ligustic bees form swarms, a natural behavior and an important part of a colony's life cycle. When a colony becomes too large and crowded, or when the breeding season approaches, a part of the colony, including the old queen, leaves the hive in a swarm to find a new home. This process helps to ensure the survival and spread of the species.

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